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Our hotel is located in the center of Brittany, it is equidistant from different poles in Brittany.

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The Inter-Celtic Festival of Lorient

40 minutes from the Nominoé hotel in Locminé, discover the town of Lorient and the festival of Celtic and Breton cultures…

The Interceltic Festival of Lorient welcomes thousands of visitors every year in August.
Prized for its Celtic music concerts, its traditional “Bagadous” parade, the festival provides you with a unique and authentic atmosphere.
Amateur of sea shanties, Celtic music, Breton dances or simply in love with Brittany, the Interceltic Festival of Lorient will enchant you.
You can, at every street corner, in the pubs of Lorient, listen to groups from Ireland, Scotland or Galicia.
Gourmets can taste Breton specialities, sip a Scotch whiskey or a bowl of cider.
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