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Our hotel is located in the center of Brittany, it is equidistant from different poles in Brittany.

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Ideally located in central Brittany, the No-minoé hotel in Locminé in Morbihan opens the doors to a welcoming and attractive region.
During your stay at the hotel, discover a multi-faceted Brittany, between tradition and modernity.
Enjoy remarkable landscapes and culture and travel through a region with an exceptional historical and natural heritage.
From Vannes to Pontivy, via Lorient, Ploërmel or Rennes, you will go from surprise to surprise!
Hotel Locminé


A   15 to 20   mn drives from   your   hotel, discover   Vannes , a town   between land   and   sea ...

Hotel Locminé

Centre Morbihan Tourisme

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Hotel Locminé

The Gulf of Morbihan

During your stay at the hotel, take advantage of the proximity of the Gulf of Morbihan. Explore the coast on foot or treat yourself to a sea crossing to the islands of southern Brittany.

Hotel Locminé


30 minutes from our hotel in Locminé, visiting the town of Pontivy is essential for a successful stay in Morbihan.


Center Brittany

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